Michael Tintner

Helping the world by treating others kindly

What if the world stop thinking of refugees asylum seekers and immigrants as a burden and started considering them assets.

First lets consider 2 ideas.
1 There are no problems there is only opportunities. 2 every human life has equal value. The crisis in Syria is currently the most obvious example of a question in human society as old as the invention of war. What to do with refugees?

Man kind has an amazing ability to take bad situations and make something good come from them. So what opportunity could possibly come from a mass exodus? I heard that Syria’s population used to be made up over 60 percent farmers. Below Syria lies one of the oldest in the oldest and newest nations, Israel. Israel has managed to make much of the desert land in the tiny state green. Across the country are Kibbutzim and Moshavs two different types of communal farms. If the world helped finance community’s like these for Syrians in the multiple nations the refugees are scattered across, they could help end the shortage of healthy food in the world. There is many opportunities for people with internet access to learn for free. These communities could be educating there children.

When the war ends (hopefully soon) the Syrians can return to their homes, and the nations that took in the refugees would be left with beautiful communities that its own citizens can use. The plan may sound expensive but a few billion dollars is nothing compared to the cost of modern militaries. A new fighter jet cost well over 100 million to build.

If we accept that every human life has equal value, than it is our duty to help our fellow, and love them like they are our brother.


This is awesome! Check out how these guys found an amazing way to feed the homeless and make their day! 

A forgotten piece of history. An abandoned facility where rocket engines for the Apollo missions were created and tested. hidden in the Florida Everglades.

Frozen Beauty

Frozen Beauty

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Ben Delatour Scout Ranch summer 2012

Ben Delatour Scout Ranch summer 2012